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September 21, 2022

People often talk about changing the world, but to make a real impact is difficult, very difficult. And to make a global impact seems almost impossible. The world is on edge, disturbed, uneasy; there is so much division in the way different people- and interest groups relate and interact with each other…

However, there is one universal constant: People are passionate beings, made to create and achieve greatness! It is these passions that unite us as humankind, and through this passionate unity, we often find our common ground.

Think about it; sport, music, art, entertainment, witty inventions, new business ideas, passionate pursuits against all odds, rooting for the underdog, discovering new talent. These are the things that excite us all and bring us together: PEOPLE-FOR-PEOPLE! 

We, the Xtreme Team, have always said “TheXchange and VirtualStaX will impact the world,” but little did we know how far-reaching and powerful this impact would be.

Drew Brees says: “VirtualStaX is THE game-changer!” 

I agree with Drew, “VirtualStaX is a world-changer!”

We believe the VirtualStaX technology that we are about to launch will ultimately impact humankind more than any other technology in the history of the world. Yes, that is a bold statement, but consider how TheXchange Global Financial Model combines all technologies created over the decades, specifically recent technological and communication innovations to accomplish our vision. 

TheXchange multiplies the strengths of these technologies to tap into the most powerful source of renewable energy in the world today; ‘people and their dreams, people and their passion, people and their innovative intellectual will-power’. VirtualStaX will mobilize billions of people around the world, empowering them to fund their dreams, pursue their God-created purpose, and together, change the world for the better.

Our vision stands firm: To create the most innovative, life-changing, and most powerful decentralized exchange in the world, driven by people and their dreams, and from that, we believe TurnCoin will emerge as the most sought-after revenue-sharing Digital Security on our planet.

want to thank our TurnCoin holders around the world who made this possible and of course, our phenomenal, dedicated team in South Africa and abroad, as well as our partners around the world that have worked full-heartedly to help get us to this point, and beyond.

Bless you all – we are Xtremely excited!

Groete & sterkte,

Rudolf Markgraaff


TheXchange Platform V1.0 & VirtualStaX App Beta now LIVE!

After years in development and having faced many setbacks along the way, we are thrilled to announce that after intense development and testing throughout Q3 the VirtualStaX platform is LIVE! Closed Global beta testing of the VirtuaStaX platform and App started on 20 September 2022. 

The platform will roll out to the public in phases, with the initial launch planned for 30 September 2022. The focus of the first launch phase will be to onboard buyers and issuers to the platform. Subsequent launches will follow in short succession, with the first Initial StaX Offerings (StaX auctions) planned to be live in the weeks following the initial launch. StaX will be trading on the secondary markets a week later.

Private Launch Event of VirtualStaX

On Saturday the 27th of August 2022, the global launch event of VirtualStaX took place at TheXchange HQ in Stellenbosch, South Africa. 

Several key stakeholders were in attendance at the event including VirtualStaX Ambassador and NBA star Wendell Carter Jr, WNBA player Olivia Nelson-Ododa, NBA Africa representative Kwame Mdaka as well as multiple core investors of TheXchange. 

Founder and CEO, Rudolf Markgraaff expanded on how VirtualStaX is positioned to change the world as one of the most advanced technological innovations in the history of mankind by creating a platform run on the world’s most powerful source of renewable energy, “people and their dreams”. Rudolf Markgraaff was joined on stage by a panel consisting of professional surfer Matthew McGillivray, Co-Founder and Chairman of E-Movement, Iain Banner as well as NBA star, Wendell Carter Jr.

In-depth discussions revolved around the strategic alliances being formed to partner with established organizations such as the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation to grow the VirtualStaX brand. 

The evening was an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to gain a thorough understanding of the vision for VirtualStaX as well as to meet the key individuals who formed part of making the platform a reality. 

The event was a great success and contributed to the excitement for the global launch of VirtualStaX that is set to impact the lives of billions of talented people across the world.

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The Court Of Dreams - Where Hope and Talent Meet

On Saturday morning, 27 August 2022, VirtualStaX, in collaboration with the Stellenbosch Academy of Sports (SAS), The Brees Dream Foundation, The Idas Valley Sports Council and various other stakeholders launched the newly established Court of Dreams at the Idas Valley Sports Grounds in Stellenbosch, South Africa. 

American professional NBA player Wendell Carter Jr. (Orlando Magic Center) together with WNBA player Olivia Nelson-Ododa (Los Angeles Sparks Forward) were the guests of honor for the momentous occassion.

On the day, basketball matches were on display including a fascinating match up between Wendell Carter Jr. and Olivia Nelson-Ododa who played against two upcoming, local basketball players. Children from the local community were able to see high quality basketball with the intention of sparking an interest in the sport and for them to potentially have their own journey in a sport that was before unknown to them.

Wendell and Olivia interacted with the children throughout the day by teaching them valuable skills such as taking shots and defending against opponents whilst sharing words of encouragement for their futures.

The Court of Dreams will provide opportunities for the youth of the local community to discover their passions and have the facility to strive towards achieving their dreams. In line with the vision of VirtualStaX, the Court of Dreams offers a wide range of inclusivity as it is a multipurpose facility allowing basketball, netball and tennis players, as well as their supporters to come together in one space. 

Wendell Carter Jr. is excited to see what this project, as well as future projects, will do for communities. He expressed his pride in being part of a continuous philanthropic journey with VirtualStaX. This is one of several planned projects of impact for VirtualStaX, as we seek opportunities to give back to the local communities and its people, striving to maintain a “People for People” movement.

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Country Star Luke Bryan - Global Ambassador MusicianStaX

VirtualStaX welcomes country music superstar Luke Bryan as Global Ambassador for MusicianStaX!

Luke Bryan is one of the top names in country music today.  In his illustrious career, Luke has garnered 29 No. 1 hits, sold 13 million albums with nearly 19 billion global streams.  

Reflecting on his own journey and remembering his early passion for music is one of the reasons why Luke chose to partner with VirtualStaX.  “I believe the VirtualStaX platform will provide a way for young musicians to build strong support systems early in their own journey to help fund their careers and achieve their dreams.” 

VirtualStaX was founded on the principle of providing opportunity and empowering people.  Luke’s strong belief that everybody deserves a fair chance aligns powerfully with the purpose of VirtualStaX. 

Through VirtualStaX, Luke will be able to provide a unique experience to his fan base and be able to interact with his fans like never before.  What we believe is most exciting, is that VirtualStaX will provide another avenue for Luke to continue his efforts of uplifting others through spotting and supporting up-and-coming talented musicians on the VirtualStaX platform.

“Luke’s passion for music and his heart for people makes him the perfect global ambassador for MusicianStaX. We are thrilled to work with Luke as we offer established and up-and-coming musicians globally the opportunity to unlock a new stream of income and showcase their talent on the global stage.” says Rudolf Markgraaff CEO and Founder of TheXchange.

Matthew McGillivray - Global Ambassador SurferStaX

Matthew McGillivray has officially joined as Ambassador for VirtualStaX! The South African surfing protégé joins the team after concluding his best Championship tour season yet and is the first active Championship Tour surfer to sign with VirtualStaX. 

Born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Matthew grew up in Jeffrey’s Bay which helped him form a noticeably smooth style with a powerful rail game. During his short yet impressive career, one of Matthew’s noteworthy achievements include winning the Seat Netanya Pro in Israel in 2018. McGillivray continued to put together outstanding performances on the World surfing qualifying series stage that landed him a spot on the Championship in 2019. That same year he finished in third place in the Hawaiian Pro, as well as two 5th place finishes in both QS10000's in Europe. In 2022, the natural footer charged his way through the World Surf League (WSL) Championship tour to finish 13th in the world.  

His fearless and calm attitude has resulted in some of the WSL Championship Tours top highlight reels over the past 3 years. “We are excited to welcome Matthew to the VirtualStaX team! This is going to be an exhilarating partnership that will have a phenomenal impact on the sport of surfing, and connect the 100 million+ surfing enthusiasts and fans in a unique way” says Rudolf Markgraaf.

VirtualStaX will provide a valuable opportunity for talented athletes, including surfers, all over the world. We are honored to add Matthew to the lineup of Global StaX Ambassadors. 

Welcome to the Team, Matt!

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‘VirtualStaX System’ International PCT Patent Examined: Found to be Novel, Inventive & Patentable.

On 31 March 2021, TheXchange Group filed a software patent in the United States seeking protection for the novelty and inventiveness of the VirtualStaX App ‘VirtualStaX System’. The patent application was subsequently filed as a PCT patent, which has the same legal effect as filing separate regional or national patent applications in all PCT member countries, meaning TheXchange Group may now proceed to file the PCT Patent for the VirtualStaX System in all remaining 192 member countries, from Albania to Zimbabwe.

In the current business landscape, patents are more important than ever. They provide companies with a competitive advantage by protecting their intellectual property. When it comes to FinTech startups, patents can have a major impact on valuation, as FinTech businesses are built upon technological innovations that take significant amounts of time, effort, and resources to develop. A disruptive technology can dramatically affect the financial industry and have ripple effects into other sectors of the economy.

It is for this reason that we are ecstatic to have been notified by the PCT Office that after formal examination of the VirtualStaX System patent, it has been determined that the prior art on record (being previously filed patents) …neither individually nor in combination, teach or fairly suggest a computer-implemented method for creating and exchanging cryptographically verifiable utility tokens associated with a verified issuing individual… and that subsequently, the claims comprising the ‘VirtualStaX System’ patent are novel, contain an inventive step and have industrial applicability – and are therefore patentable.

In addition to the PCT Patent for the VirtualStaX System, TheXchange Group has filed a total of 35 Trademarks across the United States, China and South Africa – and is the proprietor of 4 design patents for VirtualStaX filed across the United States, China, European Union and South Africa.

TurnCoin Ltd becomes a registered Virtual Asset Service Provider

TurnCoin Limited (“TurnCoin”), the listing subsidiary of TheXchange Group, has successfully registered as a “Virtual Assets Service Provider” (“VASP”) with the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (“GFSC”). 

Registration under Gibraltar’s innovative VASP regime effectively allows registered token issuers, such as TurnCoin, to raise capital confidently on solid, transparent, and compliant foundations.

In preparing for the VASP registration, we have had to ensure that TurnCoin complies with Gibraltar’s robust anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing measures. We understood from day one that for TurnCoin, trust and compliance are two sides of the same coin. TurnCoin’s registration provides us the edge today in a global market where regulation will become a core feature of the digital asset industry going forward. We are confident that by complying with global digital asset regulations, we are solidifying the future of TurnCoin and paving the way for new opportunities in the institutional space.” 

The successful registration as a VASP under the regime is only the first step in TurnCoin’s commitment to comply with global regulations, reinforcing its reputation as a trusted player in the security token industry.

TurnCoin’s registration with the GFSC can be viewed on their website under regulated entities:

 Click here to read full GFSC article

Marketing: Ready, Set, StaX!

The Marketing department has been working continuously on various aspects of the Marketing Plan developed for the launch of VirtualStaX. Key developments include the VirtualStaX Social Media strategy which aligns content for VirtualStaX, the StaX Ambassadors, key partners as well as NIL athletes involved in the launch of the VirtualStaX platform. Exciting content and updates are scheduled on each VirtualStaX social media platform including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

A collaborative effort between the Marketing team in South Africa and the USA enabled successful filming sessions to be carried out by the VirtualStaX Ambassadors. Wendell Carter Jr was filmed during his visit in South Africa which allowed the team to get a variety of content including himself on the Basketball court. Von Miller was part of an exclusive shoot in the Highmark Stadium (home to the Buffalo Bills) where he flaunted his Superbowl rings in the VirtualStaX shoot. Cam Jordan brought VirtualStaX to one of his favorite places, the training facility of the New Orleans Saints in Louisiana. Drew Brees filmed for VirtualStaX at a local high school in San Diego, California.

Once users register themselves on the platform on the 30th of September, issuers will be introduced to the public in phases where continuous efforts by the South African Marketing team and American PR agency will ensure sufficient awareness and attention is created around the issuers and their StaX auctions during each phase. Key Marketing components include Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Press Releases, News Articles and strategic Marketing collaborations with key partners to ensure there is significant momentum around the VirtualStaX platform through the remainder of 2022.

Ahead of the VirtualStaX Platform launch, the objective is clear. As many people as possible need to know about VirtualStaX and the VirtualStaX Platform launch to ensure we have a significant number of users on the Platform participating in initial auctions and trading StaX amongst each other. For current TurnCoin holders, this is the ultimate goal; to see people on the platform flourish and have profitable returns in the process. Send talented individuals in your network, or people who would want to be a part of this movement to join the waitlist on to be first in line when the VirtualStaX Platform launches.

New VirtualStaX Partners lineup to join TheXchange!

Over the past few years TheXchange team has been working consistently to form exceptional partnerships and a great alignment of synergies that will be instrumental in catapulting VirtualStaX and TurnCoin to levels of unimagined success. Brian J. Esposito explains the dynamic relationships that have been formed in the various industries of sport, music, influencers, marketing agencies and media outlets along with the status of TurnCoin’s listing on the various Tier 1 securities exchanges.


When considering the launch and execution timeline of VirtualStaX and TurnCoin over the next three years, it is crucial to keep in mind that TheXchange technology enters virgin territory, nothing like this currently exists. 

There are various factors to keep in mind that will influence the timeline as we move forward. For instance, emerging technologies, new partnerships with star talent, like Luke Bryan on the music front, will have a significant impact on TurnCoin yields, which in turn will affect the price of TurnCoin on the Secondary Market.

The service that we offer to VirtualStaX issuers globally is directly connected to the interest and the yields of our TurnCoin holders. Every adjustment, or addition on the timeline and the global rollout is carefully considered and planned out by a highly experienced global team of experts in line with our goal to have a minimum of 1 billion StaX issuers on TheXchange platform by 2025.

StaX to the People!

TheXchange is uniquely positioned on the global stage. 

Phase I of our trailblazing technology platform has been completed and deployed globally. We’ve partnered with a tremendous lineup of global Celebrities and Star Athlete StaX Ambassadors, with many more to come. 

We have an extraordinarily talented, innovative, dedicated and highly motivated team.

TurnCoin family around the world, our dream is unfolding right before your eyes!

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