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November 18, 2022

Nothing sells a new idea and trailblazing technology like a great success story.

With the VirtualStaX App completed and live, we have the perfect opportunity to showcase StaX to the world! And showcase up-and-coming athletes funding their dreams through the VirtualStaX App.

With the StaX App and Xchange platform completed and launched, and all eyes are now on the outcome of the initial StaX auctions.

This is it! This is how VirtualStaX goes viral - by each of these athletes telling their success story to the world.

The outcome? A wildfire of StaX issuers and buyers registering and participating on the StaX App, fueled by the Auctions of all our Ambassador in January 2023; and in turn, substantial increase of monthly yields to TurnCoin holders globally.

How do we accomplish this?

As TurnCoin holders - we UNITE!

Introducing! The next generation of American Football stars! 

Dustin Johnson, Isaiah Wooden ,Jimmie Stoudemire, Mari Wingard, Deontae Graham, Tailon Leitzsey, Kristian Varner, Victor Rosa,Jaylen Dollar,Gabe Jeudy, Dimitri Stanley, Daniel Richardson, Eleasah Anderson, Jabari Donaldson, Cejai Parrish, Jordan Jakes, Emani Bailey, Devantae Stephens,Curtis Appleton, Tyrece Woods Jr!

These  athletes are tipped by many to potentially make it to the draft and play in the NFL which is why users are registering to be first in line to buy their StaX. 

VirtualStaX is proud to introduce these up-and-coming athletes to a platform that can help them fund their dreams and give them the opportunity to build a community of football fans. 


Besides the fact that you will be buying StaX in these amazing athletes, TheXchange will give each current TurnCoin Holder one TurnCoin for every $2 that they spend on buying StaX; valid only for StaX purchases between $1,800 (min) up to $5,000 (max).

  1. Go to and register.
  2. Fund your Wallet & buy StaX.
  3. TurnCoin will be allocated straight to your TurnCoin account.

The process is very simple, but instructional videos and assistance will be provided on how to buy StaX.

Joey Feste, Financial Manager of several well-known athletes including Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes expressed his excitement ahead of the Auction of our top 20 Collegian Athletes.

We are aware of the frustration that the altered timelines have caused during this journey, but we would like to make it clear that these timelines have only ever been adjusted to ensure that we achieve maximum value for our TurnCoin holders.

The timeline is dependent on various outside factors, including market conditions, third-party contributors, ambassadors etc. 

Please refer to the above video by CEO, Rudolf Markgraaff, for further information.

Brian J. Esposito, Head of Marketing for TheXchange, discusses the importance of having different aspects of the brand working together throughout the launch phases to build momentum. 

Brian believes that the success of the College athletes will encourage talented people from all over the world to register on StaX.App and issue their own StaX to fund their dreams from all passions of life.

Enter the VirtualStaX competition and stand a chance to win a solid gold trading card of your favorite StaX Ambassador valued at $10,000 USD! 

How do you enter  the competition? Just buy StaX.

For every StaX that you purchase prior to 7 February 2023 you will receive 1 entry into the competition.

Get your family and friends involved, goodluck!

Cam Jordan

Patrick Mahomes

Von Miller

Drew Brees

Luke Bryan


Timing is everything!

We are working with world-class consultants, market makers, and digital security exchanges to determine the best timing for TurnCoin to list on the Secondary Market. Our highest priority is to secure a strong uptake, high demand and limited supply; and in so doing, guarantee a steady and continuous rise in the value of TurnCoin.

The VirtualStaX release schedule above will result in a month-on-month increase in TurnCoin yields that will be paid out on the first of every month, as the number of issuers grows, and as we add more types of StaX. This should result in the increase of the Secondary Market price of TurnCoin.

Yields will begin to accumulate in the accounts of TurnCoin holders from 1 January 2023.

It is our opinion that the recent crash of the crypto markets will increase interest specifically from institutional investors in digital securities which are SEC compliant. Additionally, due to the astronomically high interest rates globally, we believe investors will be seeking safe haven fixed and variable yield securities such as TurnCoin in 2023. 

However, due to current market events in the space, this is not the recommended time to list TurnCoin on the global markets.


We currently have 238 TurnCoin investors globally. Only 70 investors have registered on the StaX App to date and of whom only 14 have deposited funds to buy StaX. Hence the offer above to encourage investors to get involved in the initial StaX auctions.

If our investors each “invest” $1,800 minimum in the StaX of our 20 leading Collegian athletes, a total of $428,400 will flow through the StaX App to these 20 youngsters. Now that is a success story we can build on.

In conclusion, we want to make this clear; the success of TheXchange for the benefit of our investors is our top priority. The future benefits for our TurnCoin family lie at the heart of every decision made to date.

Thank you for your patience and support leading up to this point. Now it’s time to unite and show the world how VirtualStaX is set to empower the lives of billions of passionate people around the globe.


Click here to learn how to pin the app to your homescreen.

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