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April 6, 2022

The Execution Timeline for the global launch and roll-out of VirtualStaX in 2022 is crystal clear.


The Apple App Store’s lengthy approval of the VirtualStaX App (“due to the novelty of the StaX App” a verbatim quote by the Chief Examiner for the Apple App Store) resulted in a powerful strategic adjustment for TheXchange:

1.1 The completed StaXApp Beta is now being converted into a Progressive Web App which will afford us increased freedom and profitability in the long run.

1.2 The above transition, as well as the VirtualStaX partnership with Telos Blockchain, has solidified our strategy to register TheXchange as a global Crypto Exchange – a legal process that the Company initiated in July 2021. TheXchange order-matching engine has been customized to facilitate the same trading functionality offered by major crypto exchanges like Binance, Luno, and Coinbase.

The bottom-line: TheXchange will function like a global crypto exchange that services the same 10% of the global market of “Smartphone” users that currently trade in crypto but this will not detract from the simplistic StaXApp approach that will usher the remaining 90% of the market into the world of crypto.

The key here is simplicity: Users of the StaxApp will add/withdraw USD through their App to buy VirtualStaX in talented people globally, and indirectly, be introduced to the global crypto market as well.

Through VirtualStaX, TurnCoin holders will effectively become equity holders in what we believe could become the most innovative, life-changing, and most powerful exchange in the world - driven by people and their dreams.


StaXApp V1. will launch with our main StaX Ambassadors in July 2022 for SportStaX and MusicianStaX globally.  

The planned limited Beta Launch for the American Football & Basketball College Athletes was moved to coincide with the main global launch – these 20 top College Athletes will be included in the starting line-up of Ambassador SportStaX Issuers.

Three versions of the StaX App are scheduled to launch:

StaXApp V1. – Jul 2022 Sport & Music (BaseStaX + Reels)

StaXApp V2. – Sep 2022 (Collector StaX)

StaXApp V3. – Nov 2022 (All Sub-Xchanges)


Cam Jordan and Von Miller, NFL superstars have joined the SportXchange as global VirtualStaX ambassadors!

Cam and Von form part of a formidable team of athletes and musicians whom we are in the final stages of concluding Spokespersons agreements with. This group of global influencers, along with our current ambassadors, will lead the charge with their VirtualStaX Auctions in July 2022, and boast over 200 million followers on Instagram alone.


Efforts are currently coordinated between our strategic partners and global marketing team who will execute the 3 phased marketing strategies that will proceed with the launch of each version of the StaXApp.

Brian Esposito, Head of Global Partnerships, and Aimee Williamson, Chief Strategy Officer, are in the process of selecting the best major PR firm in the US to head this global marketing effort.

Campaign 1: OWN IT!” – Jun 2022

Campaign 2: “GREATNESS IS ON YOUR CARDS!” – Aug 2022

Campaign 3: “BELIEVE!” – Oct 2022

A glimpse of our first marketing campaign: “OWN IT!” CAMPAIGN

For ISSUERS: (Talented People) – Own The Journey. Take charge of your Destiny. Make your dreams come true.

For FANS: Own StaX in your favorite talented people (amateurs & pros) worldwide.

Each campaign will include a 30-second video customized for all our Ambassadors with their voice-over and own interpretation.

These personalized Celebrity StaX videos will be released concurrently with the global marketing plan for each viral loop campaign.

Andrew Wainrib, Strategic Advisor and CEO of Mailbu FilmCo, together with his production team, are gearing up to fly out to each of our VirtualStaX Ambassadors for a 1-day shoot to film the 3 campaigns. Stay tuned – explosive news to follow!


TurnCoin is currently in the final month of its Primary Offering through (the FINRA registered transfer agent for TurnCoin Securities). 

For those of you that have friends, family, and business associates that might want to join the TurnCoin family – the time is now.

(Call Michelle Malan & her team: +1-888-366-2423  Email:

TheXchange is in the process of selecting a top US digital securities PR firm to drive the global marketing campaign for TurnCoin in the 90 days leading up to the Secondary Market launch.

TurnCoin will launch on the Global Digital Securities markets in October 2022:

  1. Approximately 90 days after the launch of StaXApp V1. & V2.
  2. Following a 2-month pro-rata global StaX yield credited to the accounts of TurnCoin Holders.
  3. When TurnCoin is listed and readily available globally through various regional and international digital securities exchanges.

In addition to being listed on Securitize, our Global Markets Team, under the leadership of David Hanegraaf, is currently in the process of vetting established and new global digital securities exchanges for TurnCoin to be listed on, by October 2022.

Increased accessibility on as many exchanges as possible, as well as aggressive marketing and PR campaigns for TurnCoin, will ensure an increase in demand and liquidity. The prime priority leading up to the launch of TurnCoin on the Secondary Market is for TurnCoin to be the most sought-after revenue-sharing, digital security on the market.


The monthly TurnCoin yield is calculated from the gross revenue received by TheXchange from global VirtualStaX sales.

The Founders Club 200g Solid Gold NFT offering is a membership offering and will be applied as such and is not considered income to TheXchange.

Except for ancillary interim revenue generated by TheXchange, the next TurnCoin yield will be credited to TurnCoin holders' accounts at 4:44 am on the 1st day of the month following the launch of StaXApp V1. 

“Don’t ever forget the journey…We are only beginning!

TheXchange is perfectly situated in time.

Trust the process. Trust the team.

Thank you all.”

Rudolf Markgraaff – CEO