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May 19, 2022

TurnCoin is NOT a CryptoCurrency. 

TurnCoin is a Digital Security that entitles its holders to receive a pro-rata portion of the Global Gross Revenue of TheXchange.

The business model that drives revenue to TurnCoin holders is not connected to crypto’s volatility.

VirtualStaX are NOT Crypto Currencies. 

TheXchange business model generates income for TurnCoin from VirtualStaX and CollectorStaX (NFT) that are bought, sold or traded through the StaX App, by Issuers (talented people) in every passion of life, in every country on earth.

We simply use Blockchain technology to verify StaX ownership, promote transparency and activate global engagement to reach every person on earth with a smartphone. Currently, 83.72% of the world's population, 6.648 billion people own smartphones. This is the StaX market.

There will always be passionate people in the world, people pursuing their dreams regardless of the state of global markets, the economy, and challenging world events. 

If we stay committed to the core values of TheXchange; Empowerment, Generosity, Transparency, and Simplicity in the global roll-out and promotion of VirtualStaX - the StaXApp will stay prevalent and StaX will continue to generate a monthly yield for TurnCoin holders.