The compliant revenue-sharing digital asset that distributes 100% of the global gross revenue of TheXchange to TurnCoin holders on a monthly basis.


The compliant revenue-sharing digital asset that distributes 100% of the global gross revenue of TheXchange to TurnCoin holders on a monthly basis.

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How does TurnCoin generate revenue for its holders?

TheXchange Platform will derive transactional revenue from every sale and purchase of VirtualStaX. A total of 100% of the global gross revenue generated from the transactional fees will be distributed via Smart Contracts to TurnCoin holders monthly, on a pro-rata holding basis.

What is TurnCoin?

TurnCoin are Revenue-Sharing Tokens that distribute a portion of TheXchange Platform’s gross revenue to its holders on a pro-rata basis proportional to their holdings. It does not represent equity or any other rights other than the revenue distribution.

Can anyone invest in TurnCoin?

“At this time, the offer will be open to non-U.S persons in approved countries, as well as verified U.S. Accredited investors as determined by the SEC and rule 506(c) of the Securities Act. If you are a U.S. resident and are not Accredited, you will not be eligible to invest in TurnCoin at this time, although it may be possible to purchase TurnCoin on secondary markets in the future.”

Can I buy TurnCoin with cryptocurrency?

Yes! We accept BTC and ETH and select additional cryptocurrencies for payment.

What is the difference between TurnCoin's monthly yield and a dividend?

A dividend is discretionary, meaning that a company may decide if and what percentage of its annual profits it will pay out to its shareholders. Dividends are paid from profit, being funds that remain available after the company has deducted all its running costs from its revenue.

The difference between TurnCoins Yield and a dividend is that the payment of TurnCoins Yield is not discretionary, it is automatically distributed monthly. Secondly, TurnCoins Yield distributes the global gross revenue (The Turnover) of TheXchange to TurnCoin holders, not the funds left after deductions. This is a perpetual monthly passive income.

When will TurnCoin start to pay out a monthly yield?

We anticipate the very first initial monthly payment to happen in Q4 2021 after the global launch of eSportStaX and the VirtualStaX App! The first few payments will be nominal and accrue to your wallet on Securitize, but we anticipate the size of each monthly payment to grow as awareness increases, more people join, and more StaX categories are added.

How is TheXchange platform managed and promoted if 100% of the turnover is paid out to TurnCoin holders?

500,000,000 TurnCoin is permanently locked, can never be sold, and is held in perpetuity by the Development Company. The revenue derived from the Development Company’s non-tradeable TurnCoin holdings will fund the operations, marketing, and management of TheXchange Platform.


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