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August 11, 2021

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Next-generation platform, TheXchange has partnered with South African multi-gaming organization, Goliath Gaming, with the goal of providing the ultimate user experience.  

Home to some of South Africa’s top gaming talent, Goliath Gaming will now be able to vastly upgrade the Esport user experience via opportunities offered by VirtualStaX.

With a mission to revolutionize fan interaction, sponsorship and fundraising worldwide, VirtualStaX was created to empower talented individuals in sports, arts and entertainment while providing the opportunity for their supporters to share in their success.

Echoing this vision, Goliath Gaming’s ambitious objective is to build an organization with purpose; to spark a change in society and influence the lives and career paths of the youth toward gaming and esports.

This game-changing partnership will provide a unique opportunity for Esport stars to not only grow talent and exposure, but a possible income as well.

“TheXchange is all about young people and young talent. It’s about levelling the playing-field in a way that’s never been done before, to allow people with any passion in life to pursue their dreams and fund their careers,” says the CEO and founder of TheXchange, Rudolf Markgraaff.

VirtualStaX and the StaX App are launching late 2021.

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