July 2021 is an exciting and historic month for TheXchange

July 8, 2021

ESX Soft Launch - Finland

After years of planning, development, and execution - it’s finally here!

As many of you are aware, this month we begin the first phase of launch for TheXchange platform where we put the EsportsXchange in the hands of users for the very first time.  In just a few days, Finnish and African youth will come together to announce the initial launch of the StaX App.  Stay on the look out for a link to view the announcement, including special statements from Finnish Government Officials and Jonas Svensson, UN Global Head of Innovation and Technology, who Will be speaking at the launch-event from the Head Quarters of UN-Ops in Helsinki.

Pre-Launch Event

Leading up to the TurnCoin public launch at the end of the month, we are holding an in-person pre-launch event on July 23, 2021 at Land Rover in Johannesburg with the top high net worth individuals from South Africa.

TurnCoin Public Launch

The TurnCoin launch date is set - July 30, 2021!  We are partnering with Securitize.io, a digital securities exchange, to bring TurnCoin to the world!  

The launch will be streamed across the globe live from our new Head Quarters in Cape Town, South Africa.  Our newly announced StaX Global Spokesperson, Drew Brees, will join us in South Africa for the Launch.  Several of our partners and celebrity spokesperson will be tuning in virtually.

In preparation for the TurnCoin launch, all current TurnCoin holders will receive an email next week (July 14th) with specific instructions.

Please pay special attention to any communications from our Investor Relations Department (Michelle Malan) as all will be crucial information to our current TurnCoin holders leading up to July 30, 2021.

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