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February 1, 2018

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A breathtaking spectacle like no other: this South African launch event was more like a 3-day performance comprised of think-tank meetings, discussions, and presentations by some of the most elite minds, businessmen, and crypto experts from all over the world. It was a much anticipated and perfectly crafted introduction to TheXchange™ and its backing economic model, the TurnCoin™.

Held on the legendary winery estate, The Dornier in Stellenbosch, the historical Homestead Manor which sits on the property was converted into an aesthetic where artists like Piet Spies, the metallurgist and elite goldsmith who forged the very first commemorative TurnCoin™, lead workshops explaining the detailed history and intricacies of producing the premiere coin. Simultaneously, an online auction was being broadcast around the world to offer one lucky buyer the chance to acquire the debut 220-gram solid gold TurnCoin™. And as if that wasn’t enough, Creative Director, Christiaan Heydenrich was on hand exhibiting show-stopping visuals that provided a detailed narrative of the marketing path ahead. To say that the group in attendance was in awe would be a clear understatement.

While business was attended to inside, a traditional South African sheep braai accompanied by overflowing wine and hors d’oeuvres was keeping pace outside. The incredible feast and beautiful expanse was enjoyed by all attendees as they engaged in group discussions about TheXchange™’s value as a global economic disrupter and first of its kind: a “people for people” exchange promoting freedom and growth of individual opportunity while also fulfilling one’s dreams.

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