July 7, 2021

We at TheXchange are honored to confirm American Football Icon, Drew Brees, has joined us as the Official Global Spokesperson for VirtualStaX on TheXchange.

Drew’s passion, values, and heart for people coincide entirely with the mission and ethos of TheXchange. As a professional athlete, he created value both on and off the field throughout his career. Now, Drew's voice will be an invaluable asset in communicating the mission, purpose, and utility of StaX worldwide.

The thirteen-time Pro Bowler, MVP of Super Bowl XLIV and one of the greatest living quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, will now be an integral part of our life-changing platform as liaison to the world of sport and beyond.

Much had been written about Drew the athlete and consummate gridiron warrior, his epic work ethic, and his storied heroics in 2010 leading the Saints to victory in the Super Bowl - a milestone moment in the aftermath of the tragic Hurricane Katrina that lifted the spirits of the entire state of Louisiana!

Drew’s reputation as a sportsman, family man, and a man of great faith, makes him a unique and valued representative of our mission at TheXchange. His giant heart for philanthropy resonates with our “People for People” platform and will add to its success as the most extraordinary platform of its kind, now and into the future.

As Lead Legend for the American Football, Drew will spearhead the drive to engage former Football Legends on the SportXchange to motivate and mentor young football talent, driving enthusiasm and participation.

Rudolf Markgraaff, CEO and founder of TheXchange, speaks for all of us when he says: “Having Drew quarterbacking our team as International spokesperson for TheXchange, and specifically for StaX, is a moment of true destiny. Like us, he believes in people, he believes in dreams, he believes in leveling the playing field. Together with The Brees Dream Foundation, millions of dreams for people with talent, heart and tenacity will become a reality!”

As we prepare for the Finland soft-launch of the EsportsXchange and the global primary digital security listing of TurnCoin on 30 July 2021, Drew’s backing of the StaX platform our team created over the last 3 years could not have come at a better time. Thank you, Drew. We look forward to hosting you in South Africa for the launch!


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