Welcome to the


Welcome to the


The SportXchange™ is a SubXchange of TheXchange™, a global People For People platform that will empower people worldwide to back their favourite professional and amateur athletes.

Launching Q4 2021!


VirtualStaX is the gateway to a new financial realm where your talent, passion and commitment is showcased to the world.

Create Stax

Create your own VirtualStaX within minutes by registering on the StaX-App & uploading content, pictures and video!

link social

Many social handles to link to for optimal social engagement with your biggest fans & followers.

live streaming

Stream live to your fans and followers through the advanced live feed video in the X App.

Own VirtualStaX in your favorite athletes. Partake in their journey and support them in their quest for success. As they do well, so do you!

follow talent

Follow your favourite stars and engage with with them through their social media platforms.

build portfolio

Create or build a strong portfolio of your favourite stars for mutual financial gain.

trade stax

Swap or trade StaX with our groundbreaking trade platform and advanced GPX engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Register as an athlete or a fan?

An “ATHLETE” for the purpose of the SportXchange is a person who participates in any sport and would like to have their own VirtualStaX on the SportXchange.

A “FAN” is a friend, family member, or supporter of a talented individual. Fans who purchase VirtualStaX from a talented individual will receive unique, cryptographically protected assets, which they can hold onto long term or sell.

What is the GPX?

The Global Popularity Index (GPX) is a proprietary algorithm that determines the market price of an athletes VirtualStaX based on supply and demand. As the popularity of an athlete grows (due to their success, marketing, & promotion), so will the value of their VirtualStaX.

What is TheXchange App?

A simple blockchain-based platform that enables talented individuals including gamers, athletes, musicians, actors as well as teams, clubs, leagues, and organizations to connect with fans who wish to participate in their success via the purchase and trade of VirtualStaX (digital trading cards), merchandise and other thematic commercial transactions.

Is there an age requirement to register as an athlete?

There is no age requirement, however, minors (under the age of 18) will need the permission of their parent/guardian to register on TheXchange.

Is there an age requirement to register as a fan?

A fan must be 18+ to participate in “Trade” mode and buy or sell VirtualStaX with actual money. However, a fan under 18 years of age may download the app and participate in “Fantasy” mode, with “Fantasy” dollars only.