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Rudolf Markgraaff


Rudolf is the Founder of TheXchange® since its inception in June 2017. As the mastermind behind TheXchange®’s concept and product development, he also leads its dynamic team as CEO.

A creative thinker, Rudolf’s expertise include the conceptualizing, developing, funding, marketing, and managing specialized business projects. Rudolf has earned an esteemed reputation for assembling, motivating and uniting talented, diverse and passionate teams to develop groundbreaking initiatives.

Rudolf has been developing Internet software platforms since the 1990s. He is the founder of Internet Commerce Innovations, Inc., international banking association iBOS, Inc. and e-commerce platforms Hotel.com, and HospitalSupplies.com, just to mention a few. The variety of his accomplished entrepreneurial initiatives between 2013 and 2016, include Internet-based crowd mobilization platform CMP.

In 2016 Rudolf founded and developed BusinessGolf.com, a social media platform designed to pair and introduce like-minded business professionals on golf courses across the globe. The platform also enables sharing of handicaps, business interests, new investment opportunities as well as young entrepreneurial mentorship.